March 30, 2015

Lipstick Versus Food at Chelsea Kitchen

Joy Felizardo's invite for Lipstick versus Food at Chelsea Kitchen made me realized three things. First, that Chelsea Kitchen has been in this spot for almost a year now.  I'm so busy that I didn't even notice CK even if I frequent its neighboring store, namely H&M and Zara.

Juancho told me, "Mom, I've been asking you even before when are we going to dine at Chelsea Kitchen". All the while I thought he was referring to Chelsea in Serendra. By the way Chelsea Kitchen is under the same company as Chelsea Grand Cafe in Serendra. 

Ck's open location, big windows, wooden furniture and  bright and earthy colors reminds me of home.  By this I mean, I felt so comfortable and happy dining despite the noise coming from the event elsewhere. It really feels like home because my husband likes playing music all the time. While our children likes making noise, happy noise that is.

Unlike most restaurants constrained by walls, the big glass windows from the main entrance provide natural light which makes it feel like I'm dining al fresco, minus the dust and heat.

I'm more of a bread person now than rice, 
so it's a real treat that Chelsea Kitchen offers a variety of bread.

raspberry tea

The second thing I realized is that, I still enjoy food review. I begged off invites of food review for quite sometime because food just tasted the same. Not at Chelsea Kitchen. I personally enjoyed their raspberry tea, watermelon-pineapple-mint fresh juice, 4-hour cola ribs, roasted seafood cioppino pasta, squid ink and clam pasta, crispy hot wings, super garlic cream pizza, and clam chowder and crouton's soup.

Juancho enjoyed chocolate milk and clam chowder and crouton's soup, and the birthday cake.

sesame seared tuna and mango salad

clam chowder and crouton's soup, pumpkin soup and maple bacon soup

crispy hot wings

super garlic cream pizza,

 4-hour cola ribs

roasted seafood cioppino pasta

squid ink and clam pasta

ultimate grilled cheese

birthday cake, slice.

And the third thing I realized is that it's never too late to own more than one lipstick! Thanks to Monika De Veas of Lipsticks and Moe for encouraging me to experiment and enjoy lipstick!

 Chelsea Kitchen
 Ground Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
(02) 909 7012

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