March 27, 2015

Randy Ortiz Designer Collection for Kashieca

Hello there! I haven't blogged anything for the last 8 days. I've been busy with the twins graduation last March 24 for Rafael and March 26 for Julia.

This is a very special week because it's also a celebration for  the twins passed their examination in a Science School.  In short, their tuition will be free from now on, yipee!

Julia specifically told me that jeans is not allowed on their graduation day so I kinda got busy window-shopping for that perfect dress. Unfortunately, I was not able to find one because I'm more of a shirt and jeans type of person.

Then I remembered I bought 2 dresses at Kashieca 3 years ago for Queen and Princess Contest that I haven't worn. These dresses were Randy Ortiz Designer Collection for Kashieca. I actually bought 3, same design but 3 three different colors. I wore the blue one for my 40th birthday.

Rafael's Awards:
Youth Leadership Excellence Award,
Co-Curricular Awardee for Basketball Varsity
and Knights of St. Thomas Aquinas

Julia's Awards:
Bronze Medal for Third Honorable Mention,
Exemplary Performance in Math and Science Club,
Exemplary Performance in Journalism,
Exemplary Performance in Supreme Student Council,
Best in Reading and Phonics,Punctuality and Perfect Attendance Award

"In this outward and physical graduation ceremony,
the awards are not the end of it all. 
You know what has made me the happiest mom?
Knowing that my son and daughter enjoyed their elementary days
without pressure to be accepted for who they are not.
 Their inner and spiritual strength is more important 
than bringing those medals home." 
- Joy Mendiola
March 27, 2015

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