March 31, 2015

Roach Approach - Don't Miss This Boat

Roach Approach - Don't Miss This Boat is a computer animated movie that brings biblical values as told by a hilarious family of roaches: Grandpa Lou, Grandma Nana and their ever curious grandson, Squiggz. 

The story shares the important values of love, faith, hope and respect.  The roach family from Miami Florida journey through timeless stories of the Bible. The adventure begins while the family is enjoying a vacation in Florida while an approaching hurricane threatens to destroy their fun.

Grandpa Lou shares one of his famous stories, the story of Noah's Ark. Squiggz learns from flood to rainbow and to always keep the faith in God in the middle of life's storms.

DVD Features:

The Making Of The Roach Approach
Animated Music Videos
Concept Art
Other Wacky Stuff!
Length/Run Time: 45 minutes
Produced By: Wacky World Studios
Directed By: Bruce Barry

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