March 15, 2015

Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws

I was super busy last Saturday so the goal was just to say hi to Janice Crisostomo at the first ever Top Moms Picks Expo. After checking out Babinski Baby and Spacemaker I was ready to storm out of Rockwell Tent but I saw Rhea Santos-De Guzman.  She was busy talking to some men that I almost didn't ask for photo op.  I thought Rhea and her husband, Carlo, were just there to check out the event. They're acually there to promote Sipahh because they are the exclusive distributor of this flavored straw from Australia.

It's not going to be me if I don't say hi to Rhea for she's one of my favorite news anchor. She's pretty and genuinely nice. How do I know? Well, I guested in Unang Hirit Makeover in 2005. 

Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws are a range of flavouring straws that turn plain cold milk into flavoured milk as the milk is sipped through the straw. Sipahh is filled with flavored natural soluble beads which is rich with protein, calcium and riboflavin.  It is designed to be used with milk. The Original Milk Flavoring Straws – Magic Straws that can be used to deliver flavor, nutritional and therapeutic compositions such as vitamins and probiotics.


My kids, Julia, Rafael and Juan, and my inanaak, Akky for Sipahh review

Pagbabalik-tanaw, taken 2005

Taken 2015

At dahil sa makeover from Unang Hirit I got pregnant for the second time, to my third child (twins kasi ang unang pregnancy). Nawa ay makabalik ako this year at Unang Hirit for another makeover, that I will call 10 Years After (wink!wink!).

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