March 24, 2015

Your Tutorial Center (YTC)

I've turned down seminars and dialogues  about K-12 education/program of the government.  I just feel like the Philippines is not ready for another 2 years of spending for tuition fees, books, uniforms and allowances. Last March 21, at Conti's, Greenbelt 2, Makati City, with the  invitation of Your Tutorial Center ( YTC) I got to understand the importance of  K-12 program that is being implemented.

As Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC Deped Secretary, said "This not a perfect curriculum. There is much for us to work on. There will be learning curves that we will need to meet and challenges to be resolved. But with everyone’s help, we will be able to roll out the program  that we can keep improving  over the next couple of years.” 

With the change happening globally, it is  inevitable for everyone to adapt to change. In its pursuit to improve the Philippine education system and be globally competitive, the Department of Education (DepEd) has implemented the K-12 Curriculum. The program includes mandatory preschool education for five-year old children.  A  6-year elementary school as well as going through additional 2 years in the high school or secondary education. The medium of instruction from kindergarten to Grade 3 will now be mother tongue-based. Meaning if your Ilocano or Bisaya, you will be taught the language used in that area.  The National Achievement Test (NAT) will still be administered as an end-of-grade 6 assessment but this time will serve both as an exit examination from elementary and entrance examination for Grade 7. Grade 10 students will also go through an assessment to qualify for senior high school and the course they want to take in college.  Grade 12 examination will serve as entrance exam for university.

Your Tutorial Center (YTC) is a 3-in-1 education center which offers Tutorial, Review and Language programs. YTC primarily provides ACADEMIC TUTORIAL programs from preschool to college all throughout the year. Learn more about YTC and how they can help you and your child embrace K-12. Check or call (02) 4108-456 or (0932) 8555-982 for more information on Summer K-12 Bridging Programs.

 (Photo Source: YTC FB Page)

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