April 30, 2015

Benefits of Playing Basketball and Advantages of Enrolling at BUSA

Every summer I make sure to enroll my kids in activities that will enhance their skills. Julia, Rafael and Juan have tried piano, guitar and voice lessons but they seem to lack energy each time we go to their music school. 

This summer, they've tried basketball at Belasco Unlimited Skills Academy (BUSA). They were supposed to join just Module 1, but  the three musketeers enjoyed the training, as well as the coaches and their classmates so they begged to join Module 2.

There is no doubt my children grew more enthusiastic each day we went at City Club for their training with Coach Nic. At night, Julia, Rafael and Juan slept early so they won't be late for BUSA.

Why encourage your kid to play basketball? There are plenty of benefits from it. First of course is physical fitness. Basketball is a great cardiovascular workout, it strengthens muscles, it increases flexibility and coordination, it burns fat, and it increases in speed and agility. 

Secondly, basketball is a social sport that brings people together and creates bonds and friendships, as it teaches team work.
Third, basketball can really be a confidence booster. It is great for a shy child to meet new people and learn to socialize.

If you're thinking of enrolling your kids in basketball, you might want to try Belasco Unlimited Skills Academy (BUSA). Let me enumerate the advantages of enrolling at BUSA.

1. You will be trained by former PBA Stars - Coach Nic Belasco and Coach Ali Peek.

Coach Von and Coach Kyle are also instrumental in helping and teaching the kids enjoy
and learn to play basketball well.

2. The venue is conducive for learning basketball, with facilities and equipment by well-known brands.

3. BUSA help build a child's confidence, love for reading and camaraderie.

4.  Kids will be expose to basketball competitions like Titan.

5.  You'll get to meet popular people and amazing parents who share the same passion of developing their respective kid's full potential.

6. It is run and managed by power couple Nic and Mafae Belasco. Though the two are popular in their respective fields, they are among the nicest and most down-to earth people I've met. Their four kids are amazing. too! Nicco and Mike helps and assist the students whenever they can. While Moses and Nicci serves as an inspiration for little/younger students to play their best.

Schedules:  May 4 - 8, 2015 - 9am to 11am
                            May 18 - 22, 2015 - 9am to 11am  

Fee:   P4,500 per module/5-day training

Venue:  The City Club - Alphaland Building, cor. Malugay St., Ayala Ave., Makati City

Contact #: 0917- 5127251
IG- @teammercenary
FB - Belasco Unlimited Skills Academy

April 29, 2015


Kimukatsu is the most famous pork cutlet restaurant in Japan, with multiple locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Sendai, etc.,    specializing in the Mille fieulle style, 25 layers of thinly sliced pork with different fillings.

I tried Kimukatsu at the East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza last week in preparation for my date with my son.  Rafael likes Japanese food so there's no other way for me but pick and choose which one will suit his taste.

I like tofu so I started with this it. Kimukatsu tofu is too soft my my taste though.

The rice comes in a insulated wood container, 
which I really like! I hope to find one to be used at home. 

I ordered for 7 flavor Kimukatsu, with flavors namely, Plain, Garlic, Black Pepper, Cheese, Negi Shio (spring onion and salt), Yuzu Pepper and Ume Shiso (sour plum and shiso leaf). 

I like that the pork is tender and juicy but I honestly find the taste all  the same, except for the pepper which made it spicy.   

The interiors are mostly black  and I find the place too dark. I had no choice but to wear my glasses

Kimukatsu didn't take me by surprise but it's all up to my Japanese-looking and Japanese-food-loving son to find out for himself on our date.

Level 5, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Telephone no: 02 7270333. 

April 28, 2015


This mother’s month of May, Mommy Mundo encourages moms to go on a journey of mindfulness and self-discovery through EXPO MOM 2015: #MOMMANIFESTO happening on May 22-25 at the Glorietta 2, Palm Drive, Makati City. Now on its 8th year, Expo Mom is the biggest gathering of progressive, active moms showcasing the latest in family-oriented product innovations and parenting trends in a fun, fulfilling environment.

April 27, 2015

Making Marriage Work

I'll be the master of ceremony in a wedding reception later. Every time I host or attend as guest in a wedding, I silently say a prayer for the couple because at this age and time, it is very hard to keep a marriage. There are a lot of trials, struggles, as well as temptations that break the husband and wife apart.

Sharing today the book, Making Marriage Work by Dr. Harold J. Sala. The author combines his experience as a married man and counselor with sound biblical and psychological insight to show how you can make your marriage work. 

Thousands of marriages-most of which could be described as good relationships-are destroyed every year because someone longs for the thrill of romance, the chill of excitement, and the heady wine of fulfillment. For that they throw away God's plan for real happiness.

Take inventory of the strength of your marriage. (Lifted from page 66 to 67)

1.Do you and your spouse confide in each other? Or are you exhausted at the end of the day that you're no longer interested-or don't have enough energy left ti share what's in your heart?

2. Do you still have the tender feelings toward your mate that you once had,or has your marriage begun to lose some of the excitement?

3. Is your desire to be with each other as great as the desire to be with others of the opposite sex?

4. When something is in your heart, do you find it easier to share this with someone other than with your spouse?

5. Are you in church with your family on a regular basis, or do you find that more weekends are spent elsewhere?

6. Do you and your mate read the Bible together? Do you regularly clasp hands and pray for the needs of your marriage and home?

7. Do you spend time in recreation together as couple or as a family? Or do you tend to have your own circle if friends while your mate has his own?

If you can honestly admit that your relationship has begun to grow cold and stale, or that you find yourself tending to be attracted to someone who seems more able to meet your needs than your mate, this book is especially for you.

This book is available in all OMF Lit. 

April 26, 2015

Restaurant Manners Matter

Asking to be excused from dinner and saying "please" and "thank you" are as important as brushing teeth and getting a good night's rest. These are things that someday the kids will need when they want to date someone or to have a business dinner.

Start the children young, learn the art of restaurant and fine dining etiquette, plus smart snacking. Let your kid/kids join Restaurant Manners Matter on May 24th, 1pm to 5pm, at Richmonde Hotel, Ortigas.

Fee is P2,500 per kid. For more details email: a.list.prohealth@gmail.com, contact (02) 586-3194, 0917-7104625, 0917-7073431.

April 25, 2015

Monopoly Empire

I grew up playing Monopoly. I had plenty of fun, and sometimes not-so-fun memories when I lose (wink, wink!). Adding to our collection of Monopoly board games is Monopoly Empire. Monopoly Empire builds on the classic board game and throws top brands into the mix with new game features. Big name brands such as Xbox, Coca Cola, Samsung, Xbox, Ducati, Intel, McDonalds, Nerf, Transformers, Fender, Spotify and may part in the gameplay. 

Play is similar to classic Monopoly, but instead of building a property empire, you're tasked with buying up key brands and adding them to your Empire Tower. Buy, trade and take over brands with Empire cards.

Great for Monopoly fans aged eight and up. Two to four players can join in.

Monopoly Empire includes: Board, 4 Empire Towers, 6 new gold tokens, 30 billboard tiles, 6 office tiles, 14 chance cards, Monopoly money, 14 Empire cards, 2 dice, and instruction manual.

Happy boy, big winner for their first ever Monopoly Empire game.