April 4, 2015

Empower Your Child - FREE SEMINAR

I Am Gifted was brought to the Philippines from different parts of the world. Their aim is to help develop a child's study habits and his or her relationship with others, thus, making him an achiever. If you are interested to know how I Am Gifted can help your child, it would do well if you attend their FREE SEMINAR on April 12, Sunday, 2pm to 5pm, and on April 18, Saturday, 2pm to 5pm.

Limited seats, be sure to register by emailing manila@iamgifted.asia, or calling 354-8335 and sms 0922-9216534/ 0906-5835712.

I am pretty sure parents want the best for their children, so act now and see how this seminar can empower your child. Remember that the “Winners” of the world face just as many problems as everyone else. In fact, in most cases, they face even greater obstacles. The difference is that they make the tougher choice of finding a way towards their goals regardless of how impossible it seems. That is how you achieve your greatness. But you have to start taking action NOW!

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