April 25, 2015

Monopoly Empire

I grew up playing Monopoly. I had plenty of fun, and sometimes not-so-fun memories when I lose (wink, wink!). Adding to our collection of Monopoly board games is Monopoly Empire. Monopoly Empire builds on the classic board game and throws top brands into the mix with new game features. Big name brands such as Xbox, Coca Cola, Samsung, Xbox, Ducati, Intel, McDonalds, Nerf, Transformers, Fender, Spotify and may part in the gameplay. 

Play is similar to classic Monopoly, but instead of building a property empire, you're tasked with buying up key brands and adding them to your Empire Tower. Buy, trade and take over brands with Empire cards.

Great for Monopoly fans aged eight and up. Two to four players can join in.

Monopoly Empire includes: Board, 4 Empire Towers, 6 new gold tokens, 30 billboard tiles, 6 office tiles, 14 chance cards, Monopoly money, 14 Empire cards, 2 dice, and instruction manual.

Happy boy, big winner for their first ever Monopoly Empire game.

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