April 9, 2015

Overcome Grief, Pain and Disappointments

I am quite troubled by something. I can't wait for the days 'til this something is over.  My daughter catches me staring on blank space, then she'll say, "Mom, are you alright? You're thinking again".  I do not want Julia to worry so I replied, "I'm okay, baby, I'm just tired".  Honestly, I'm agitated about something. I sometimes feel that my hands are shaking because of this agitation.

Then an FB private message from an associate  popped, asking, "is it ok to ask for advice?".  I was in a middle of my own dilemma, will I give my precious time for her?

Yes, I did. We chatted for hours and gave her my point of view. It felt good that I was able to be of help to her. I like helping, it makes me happy.  In truth she was the one who actually helped me. She cleared my mind of worries. 

"To overcome grief, pain and disappointments,
look outside yourself and do something for someone else."
-Joy Mendiola
March 11, 2015

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