May 20, 2015

Gerphil Flores

I don't watch too much television but  Gerphil Flores certainly made the world watch when she joined Asia's Got Talent. Gerphil's rendition of The Impossible Dream has more than two million views and counting.

And because Gerphil  was David Foster's golden buzzer, the video when she was ousted by Kris Aquino and Ai-Ai de Las Alas at  Pilipinas Got Talent resurfaced. Many were disappointed by how the two judges told Gerphil to sing pop instead of classic songs. Ai-Ai even commented, "maganda ka naman", it's like telling Gerphil to just use her beauty to be popular.  But Gerphil was unafraid and told them off that she will continue to sing classic songs.

Pilipinas Got Talent may not have been ready for Gerphil's talent then, but the world is now ready for her! To Gerphil, CONGRATULATIONS! You made the Filipinos proud! At pag sikat ka na sa mundo, malamang pupurihin ka na nila ng todo.


  1. Kung hindi man sya sumikat sa 'pinas whre classic music is not appreciated much,for sure she'll make it international.Btw,may hawig sya kay marian rivera. :)

  2. David Foster is CEO of Verve Music Group, a division of Vivendi / Universal Music, the largest music group in the world. Its genre is Jazz / Classical music and has Andrea Bocelli, Sarah McLachlan, Diana Krall and other notable artists in his portfolio.
    If Gerphil Flores' only guesting on TV shows in Manila is any indication that she has not signed a contract with any local talent agency, then she is not closing any possibilities of joining David Foster. And if Foster would be true to his words to Gerphil and signs her to a contract with Verve Music, this articulate young woman is going to be a very busy girl this upcoming concert season in the US.


Thank you for the joyful comments!