May 15, 2015

Graduation Party

Graduation is one of those great rites of passage that makes someone feel special. Since my twin kids graduated from basic education or commonly known in the Philippines as elementary, I threw a graduation party for Julia and Rafael last March 25, 2015.

Throwing a party for the graduate is an exciting idea but there are things you have to consider before doing so.

The first step to any graduation party is to make sure that the graduate (in my case graduates) like the idea of having a graduation party. 

The second step is choosing the guests. Since it is the graduate whom the party is being thrown for, it is important to start by asking the graduate to choose the people he or she would like at his or her party. Julia wanted to invite all her classmates so I asked Rafael if he wants the same. Rafael opted to invite his friends - The Racpan Boys. You have to listen to the wishes of the graduates and don’t invite people your graduate doesn't want because it will ruin his or her mood.

The third step is to choose a date. Let the graduate be part of choosing the date because she/he knows her guests more than you. If the guests live just around the corner, a week of notice is enough.

The fourth step is to choose a venue.  This will help you right from the start as it affects all of the other factors such as budget,  theme, food, games, etcetera. If the graduate wants a small group, ask her or him if he wants an intimate dinner at her favorite fancy restaurant. If you have a large group of guests, renting a party place is necessary. If on a budget (like us), you may want to consider to have a house party. Before thinking of a house party though, check if your house big enough to accommodate all the guests? A house party is going to be an entirely different deal than renting a party venue. A house party may save you the money than renting a party place but on the downside, it could really make you exhausted after the party.  Plus, if you don't mind the ton of trash, broken knickknacks and noise, go ahead because a house party is actually more fun! The neighborhood is another important  factor before throwing a house party.  It is always courteous to let your neighbors know that you will be hosting a party at your home to avoid problems with parking and the noise that the party will create.

The fifth step is to choose food. For kids 12 and below, make sure you keep the place stocked with pizza, hotdogs, BBQ, chips and lots of sweets and desserts.

Theme and games is optional for a house party. If the graduate insist on having both, go ahead.

The most important thing to consider when throwing a graduation party is to keep it simple, as well as to keep your cool, because the primary focus of the party is for the graduate and the guests to have fun.

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