May 17, 2015

Isabel Roces

Some bloggers are too shy to even ask celebrities for a photo op but not me.  I relish that short moment when I get to chat with them. Take for example the time I got to meet Ms. Isabel Roces - the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper columnist, online celebrity and a model. 

Isabel has graced numerous TV commercials, runways and glossies not just in the Philippines, but also in other countries.

I wasn't actually feeling great that day at Beauty and Butter Media Spampering. I'm having PMS, I'm sleepy and  a bit cranky but when I saw Isabel, the feeling changed in a snap. I just have to have a photo with her to show to my husband. It was John who first noticed Isabel in her commercials in the past. She's an Angelina Jolie look-a-like! She's even lovelier in person!

I didn't immediately recognized Isabel because she was partly covered by my friend. My conversation with Lyn before this photo op...

Me: Girl, ang haba ng legs nya, katumbas ng legs nating dalawa! And look at her hands and fingers. Malamang model o beauty queen sya.
Lyn: Di ko kilala girl, pero malamang nga model, ang tangkad e.

When Lyn stood up, that's when I saw Isabel's beautiful face. It was nice talking with her. I even told her, "in my next life, I either want to be a model or a rock star", hahaha!

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