May 1, 2015

Teaching Kids About Their Bodies and Sexuality

Three years ago my sons asked, "Mom, how do we know we're in love?". Rafael was just 9 and Juan was 6 that time.  I just told them, "You're too young to be in love. Not yet, maybe when you're already working so you have enough time and money to shower your would-be girlfriends with lots of love and gifts". It could have been easier if my sons asked about the sun, the moon, the sea, the planets for I'll just direct them to their dad, who by the way is our walking almanac at home  (wink! wink!).

Seriously speaking, parents have to be mentally and emotionally open to all sorts of questions like love and marriage. Let's not forget about the question of S-E-X! Although my kids have not asked me about sex yet, I've actually talked to my children (including my daughter) about it. I simply told them to wait until they're married. But before they get married, they have to work first. And before they can work, they have to finish school first. I also  fill in the details with discussions of values, respect, and love. I tell my children that sex is sacred. And that they must respect their bodies.  Sons need to hear what their parents think about love and intimacy. They must also be given a chance to talk about their own ideas to develop an open communication.

I also give them examples of famous people who made a vow of chastity like Yeng Constantino and Yan Asuncion. And that it is possible to stay pure until the day they meet the love of their lives.

Experts say that teaching kids about their bodies and sexuality is best starting in childhood so that they will not be confused by the ideas of outside forces (like peers and pornography). That's because kids are more likely to listen, remember and follow their parents advice when they are taught at a young age. 

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