May 14, 2015

The Flowers Express

It was painful to lose Mama last April 9, 1993. But God has his way of blessing me with three other mothers - Mama Ester,  Tita Jo and Aunt Linda.

While most waited for Sunday, May 10, to greet and give their gifts to their mothers, I contacted The Flowers Express to make sure the flowers will be sent to Mama Ester (my mother-in-law), to Tita Jo (my stepmom) and to Aunt Linda (my father's sister) three days before Mother's Day. 

I met Mama Ester October of 1993. The first time my husband (who was then my boyfriend) introduced me to his family. Mama accepted me not just the girlfriend of his son but a as a real daughter.

My father met Tita Jo three years after the passing of my mom. I didn't like her at first
but because she loves and takes care of Papa  well, I soon started loving her, too.

Aunt Linda may be a strict aunt when I was young but her influence has taught me about hardwork, grace and beauty. 
Flowers, it is often said, remind you of moments you can never forget – moments you shared with special people. With the flowers you sent to your love one, you're sure to conjure memories more lucid than any other things.

The Flower Express understands the power of flowers.  Call them and surprise the people you love like what I did. Call TFX at 0927 787 7087 or visit and

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