May 30, 2015

The Road to Katy Perry’s Prismatic Concert

It all started with an sms invite from Portia for an event at Krispy Kreme The Fort. I didn’t want to go because it was a Wednesday. I was coding, plus I just don’t feel like doing anything (sounds like a song, right?) that night.

It was my daughter who wanted to attend because she’s a Krispy Kreme addict. She was also hoping that we could win tickets to Katy Perry’s concert.  Before heading at the venue, we rushed at Greenhills to buy a colored hair spray for my would be Katy attire. I even hired a make-up artist (which I don't normally do!) to transform me from an ordinary mom to a fabulous Katy Perry.

Julia insisted that I join the Katy Perry videoke challenge to win tickets. I like Katy and I like her songs but I grew up with Madonna, whom all songs I can sing by heart. For my daughter, I joined the singing challenge. Of course I didn’t win, I was out of tune!

The winner of the Katy Perry videoke challenge is the one with the roar, animal print, outfit.

After losing (ouch!) I was told that there’s another way that we could win 2 tickets, simply by posing a glamorous photo with Krispy Kreme’s glamuor glazed. Julia took a photo of me while we were at the event, which I immediately posted in instagram.

We were told that we can send as many entries as we want and because Julia was dying to win tickets, I asked my husband for a photoshoot the next day.

I already gave up all hopes, when Portia messaged me in Viber, "you won 2 tickets to Katy Perry!". My daughter was so happy, we won a lower box premium tickets worth 11,000+!

We arrived 4pm at the Arena on the concert day. I was way too happy to see that we're early and there's no line at all! Only to find out that Katy’s concert is at the Philippine Arena, not in MOA Arena. My bad! All the time I thought it's the MOA Arena so I didn't bring a car. I asked people around the fastest way to reach Philippine Arena in 2 hours. The Road to Katy Perry’s Prismatic Concert was indeed oh so long! We took a 20 minute jeepney going to LRT (traffic not included). We took a 20 minute LRT ride going to Balintawak (long waiting line not include). From Balintawak we rode a bus going to Bocaue Bulacan (I wasn't able to calculate the time because I was standing from Balintawak to Bocaue). From Bocaue we rode a tricycle (I wasn't able to calculate the time because it was dark already). Finally, a service bus took us to the concert venue.

Going through all those hassles, we were lucky to meet two lovely ladies who were very nice to lend us a facial tissue as Julia profusely sweat. We talked (well, I mostly did!) from Taft station til they alight at Monumento station. Thanks lovely Karren and Adrienne!

Adrienne Brion and Karren Lin Dela Cruz

Julia was all smiling when we arrived at 8pm at Philippine Arena. 

Julia had fun when confetti were released. She even brought home some for souvenir

My aging knees were shaking but I’m sure happy that we made it. The trip was worth it. I wouldn’t mind doing the same all over again,  all  for the love of my daughter. Thank you Krispy Kreme for making Julia happy!

The other Kripy Kreme instagram winners: 

Celebrities spotted:

 I'm actually not familiar with them

Doug Kramer and daughter

Cheska Garcia-Kramer

Patrick Garcia
Karla Abellana refused to have her photo taken

Kathryn Bernardo

Took photo of Daniel Padilla for my nieces and readers who adore Daniel

"M is for Mother, Mommy, Mom, Mama
who's commitment into loving her children is boundless"
-Joy Mendiola
May 30, 2015


  1. Amazing MOM!! :)

  2. Wow! Great job! What a treat to have watched Katy Perry! :)

    1. The experience was overwhelming! I had a great time with my daughter.


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