June 30, 2015

Review: Master Hanz Cua's Intuitive Tarot Reading

I was disturbed with a problem somebody caused me last year. Although not afraid, I was restless because I'm not used to having an issue like that.

As I was shopping at Shangri-La Plaza last April 2015, I saw Master Hanz kiosk while having a tarot reading with a client. I waited for them to finish and submitted myself to Master Hanz' Intuitive Tarot Reading.

Intuitive Tarot Card Reading is done using intuition – that gut feeling or first instinct that comes to you when you look at a card. Intuitive readings leave each card open to interpretation within the context of the question and the other cards in the spread by using the artwork, the cards themselves, the symbols and how it makes you feel. It is a gut reading more so that regurgitation of memorized definitions.

Tarot Cards are powerful tools for those with the ability to interpret the cards. I must say that Master Hanz is an expert on this area. He was able to read the intention of the person who was causing me that discomfort. Master Hanz even advised me to consult my lawyer as the tarot cards indicated I have all the evidence and right to bring the true nature of this person to be able to help those that this person victimized in the past.

After the Intuitive Tarot Reading, Master Hanz did some ritual that helped me battle all the negative forces around me. Charms are also available at Master Hanz Cua's booth.

Master Hanz helped me lose those worries. His readings was all correct.Thanks, Master Hanz!!!

Aside from Intuitive Tarot Reading, Master Hanz Cua's services includes Chinese Astrology, Face and Palm Reading and Feng Shui.  Let Master Hanz help enhance your business or personal life, book an appointment, contact Master Hanz: +63922-829-03-82 Hanz_cua2002@yahoo.com.

June 29, 2015

Surprise 50th Birthday Party

I'll like throwing surprise parties to people I love so receiving an invite for a surprise party for Jojie's 50th birthday was great!

This party was not an easy feat because Jojie resides in America, while her daughter, father, relatives and friends are all here in the Philippines. This successful surprise party wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of Jojie's daughters, Elaine and Elieza , and Jerry (Jojie's husband).

The wine poured and the music rolled, as Jojie watched her family and friends danced, played and honored her as she turned 50. My hearty congratulations to the golden girl, you deserve all the joy!

June 28, 2015


I used to make pudding when I was a teenager. I'd cook it like the leche flan way by steaming it. But it was only me who'd finish it so I stopped making pudding.

Last week as  I can't sleep, I saw we had a lot of pandesal, and becauseI hate wasting food and stuff I decided to make pudding.  This time I didn't steam, I baked four flavors of heart-shaped pudding - regular, banana, apple and blueberry.

Juan was the only one awake so he was the first to taste test...

Juan: Oh, Mom, you nailed the pudding! It's yummy but I must admit, the mango pudding is the best.
Me: There's no mango pudding. That's apple pudding.
Juan: That's how good you are, Mom, you made the apple taste like mango!


June 27, 2015


Lugaw is rice porridge in the Philippines. I've tried to cook lugaw just twice. The first time was not successful so I made sure today is a different story. At dahil na inspire ako ng todo sa sarap ng lugaw na ito, nakagawa pa ako ng tula mula dito!

Ang lugaw  ay parang buhay 
Maraming pagpipilian na minsan ay nakakaumay

Ang plain lugaw, walang kumplikasyon
Tulad ng buhay na simple ang kundisyon

Ang lugaw na ang sahog ay katamtaman
Ay kahalintulad ng buhay na malinamnam naman

Ang lugaw na kumpleto ang rekado
Pero parang buhay na di pa din  makuntento. 

Kung ano pa naman ang nais mong lugaw
Dapat ito'y di masyadong masabaw upang hindi umapaw

Ibahin ang buhay,
Ito ay dapat mag-umapaw 
Sa pagmamahal at pagbibigay

Bago ang mundo ay magunaw. 
-Joy Mendiola
June 26, 2015

June 26, 2015

Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015: A convention of leaders from different industries for digital marketing in Asia

For the first time, different industry leaders will be in one roof to empower, connect, inspire and learn from the speakers who will be in the Philippines to share their expertise and experience about the digital landscape in Asia. 

Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 will be at SMX Aura, Taguig on July 26, 2015 with a theme: Empower, Connect, Inspire & Learn.

Today, The Philippines is the hub of everything; Business Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Network Planning & Optimization, Empowered talents and the Social Media Capital of the World. Filipinos more or less are 100 Million already as of 2014 while 30% are online, 100% are using mobile phones and most of us have two each, no wonder that different companies are putting up their digital marketing department or hiring a lot of online strategist to become competitive and to reach the target market fast. 

At Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015, different top executives will join together to share the future of online marketing in the Philippines and for the Asia Pacific Region with the following points;

• The digital economy of the Philippines
• Positioning the Philippines as a gateway from east to west and west to east
• Is the Philippines ready to be a cashless society?
• Disrupting tradition and embracing innovation
• Technology and entrepreneurship driving inclusive growth
• Micro- multinationals- e commerce connecting SMEs to ASEAN and beyond

Speakers and Moderators are from international & local scenes who are leaders & influencers; 

Mario Montejo- Secretary, Department of Science and Technology (DOST) 

Xavier Marzan- President & CEO, Globe GCash

Constantin Roberts - Managing Director, Zalora 

Tina Pang- Head of Online Sales, Twitter

Earl Valencia- Head Corporate Development/Innovations, Smart Communications 

Kristian Melquiades- General Manager, Viber Philippines 

Richard Upton- President, John Robert Powers Asia 

Donald Lim- Chief Digital Officer, ABS CBN

Janette Toral- E Commerce Advocate, Digital Club Filipino

Robert Yupangco- President, Yupangco Group of Companies

Chinkee Tan- Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host and Wealth & Wellness Coach 

Rebecca Bustamante Mills- CEO, Chalre Associates & President, Asia CEO Awards

Mikel Yaw- CEO, Elabram Systems Group 

Carlos Celdran- Brand Ambassador, Tour Guide 

Maria Camille Montejo- CEO, NWSteel Technologies & Tree Top Adventure Inc.

Kim Bernardo Lokin- Managing Editor, Business Class Magazine 

Pocholo Gonzales- CEO, Creative Voices Productions

Tanya Llana- Marketing & Sales Director, Victoria Court & General Manager, Hotel La Corona De Lipa

Lewis Hong- Web Digital Marketing Specialist, Xyxon Pte. Ltd.

James Jimenez- Director, Commission On Elections 

Lloyd Luna- CEO, Lloyd Luna Corporation

Jonathan Luzuriaga- President, Philippine Software Industry Association 

Donald Felbaum- Managing Director, Optel

Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 (#AdMe) is expecting 300 visitors & up to 15 companies to share their products and services. #AdMe is presented/organized by TAG Media & Public Relations. For more info please check www.asiadigitalmarketing.ph& for partnership/sponsorship, please contact the organizer at 09166299381 or at grace@asiadigitalmarketing.ph 

Registration Fee: Regular Rate Php 2,000.00 (Inclusion: Snacks and Lunch, Conference and Expo.)

June 25, 2015

Gising Gising

Inspired by yesterday's treat from Master Hans at Recipe's Cafe Metro, I cooked Gising-gising for the very first time! Extra spicy for Tatay John and Rafael, and regular for Julia and Juan. 

Gising gising means "wake-up wake-up" in the Filipino language. The origin of this dish is unknown but some claims to be from Pampanga, and some says it originated from Nueva Ecija. ‪Gising gising is usually made up of ground pork and green beans cooked in coconut milk but I wanted a healthier version so I used ground chicken breat meat. This tried and tested recipe is worth a try.

June 24, 2015

How to Play Uno Stacko

UNO Stacko is one of the many toys I keep because it's such an entertaining game for all ages. My husband bought this Uno Stacko more than 12 years ago. We were still just sweethearts when we had it. Now that we have kids, Uno Stacko continuously serves it purpose for Julia, Rafael, Juan and their cousins and friends who drop by.

How to play Uno Stacko:

Uno Stacko is played in a similar fashion to Jenga. There are 45 Uno Stacko blocks in each set, typically made of plastic and are colored red, yellow, green, and blue. Earlier versions of the game have the blocks numbered 1 to 4, while later versions added blocks bearing the Draw Two, Reverse, and Skip symbols. Later versions also include purple Wild blocks, which serve the same purpose as the Wild and Wild Draw Four cards in the parent game. Unlike Jenga blocks however, they look like hollow girders, making the tower more unstable as the game progresses. The earlier versions of Uno Stacko include a die, called the Uno Cube, the faces of which bear the following: Red 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Yellow 4, Reverse,  Draw Two. Players roll the Uno Cube to determine the moves they each make. When a colored number turns up, the player pulls a block having the same color or number as the side indicated. For instance, if a player rolls Yellow 4, the player must pull a block which is either yellow or bears the number 4. When "Reverse" turns up, the direction of play is reversed. "Draw Two" forces the player to pull any two blocks and place them on the top of the tower.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Love is Like a Precious Plant

We've been to Sky Ranch four times already so I'm not anymore excited every time we bring and treat friends and relatives there.

Our last trip at Sky Ranch proved a different experience as we met young couple, Jannie and Carlo, from Catanduanes. They reminded me of my former boyfriend (who's now my husband, wink!) and I as we traveled in and out of the country. Those were great memories so I told them to enjoy their time together and hopefully they end up as husband and wife, too.

Pero ika nga ni John Lennon, ang pag-ibig ay parang halaman na  dapat pangalagaan, diligan at paka-ingatan" para ito ay mabuhay.

"We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. 
You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard 
or just think it's going to get on by itself. 
You've got to keep watering it. 
You've got to really look after it and nurture it."
- John Lennon

June 23, 2015

Easy Frozen Yogurt

Since the start of my kids classes two weeks ago, we can no longer enjoy going to the mall as often as we want. That means we can't have our favorite yogurt date all the time. To satisfy our craving for this frozen treat, I made an alternative. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Aside from being a healthier alternative to ice cream, frozen yogurt has numerous health benefits. It is high in  probiotics and calcium.  Live and active culture yogurt is an excellent source of calcium It is valued as a health food because of the benefits of live active cultures. 

June 22, 2015

ToyCon 2015 A Huge Success

As always, ToyCon 2015 was a huge success as people from all walks of life, gender and age, trooped to Megamall last June 19 to 21. I was not able to take much photos of my family as they completely forgot about me as soon as finished having our photo taken at Fullo booth.

I'm not much into sweet food, but I tried Fullo, oh, wow, I LIKE!!! You have to try Fullo. I like the vanilla flavor, it tastes like White Toblerone.

The only family picture we had at ToyCon 2015, before I was left all by myself, lol!

Johns haul. He is the happiest man on earth during ToyCon (wink!)

June 21, 2015

Thinking Man's Classroom Season 2

The viewing party of Thinking Man's Classroom at the Balcony Gastro Pub was a success with Marty Tengco as the host. Performers at the event were Aia de Leon, Meryl David, Joee & Kooky Tuazon.

Airing of Thinking Man's Classroom Season 2 is on June 23, 2015.

For the pilot episode of Art Is, guest featured isMaxine Syjuco. Director Hans Madula. 

For the pilot episode of Principals of Principle, topic is Rape. Hosts are Wanggo Gallaga,  Drei Toledo, Ryan Gonzalez, Marty Tengco, Victor Prieto, and Sonia Roco. Director Nii Foronda.

‪‎For Word and By Word‬ Season 2 pilot episode guests are ‎Karen Kunawicz,‎ Ian Galliguez‬ ‪‎Duncan Ramos.‬ Premieres June 23, 2015 on www.thinkingmansclassroom.com. Hosted by ‪Kooky Tuason‬ and Directed by ‪‎August Lyle Espino‬

‪‎Random Fandom‬ Season 2 pilot episode, Nexcon. Hosted by ‪Jon Sideno‬, Created by ‪Kooky Tuason‬ and Directed by ‪‎Steph Azarcon‬

June 20, 2015

Raffles Design Institute Manila

Raffles Design Institute Manila had an open house last Friday and they also invited bloggers to attend  a three-hour Photography Workshop with Sven Pfrommer. Although busy, I made sure to be there on time because I've been wanting to check out Raffles since they started in September 2010. Raffles used to be at Accralaw Tower in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. I'm glad that their campus is now at Metropolitan Avenue in Makati City.

Raffles, as discussed by Justin Seow, College Director, is a non-traditional school that offers 3 years schooling - 2 years of study will be spent in the Phils and the last year is in Singapore. Unlike traditional schools, students are not required to take minor subjects, they have small class size.have graduates every three months, meaning incoming students need not wait for a certain period. They can start as soon anytime.

Justin Seow, Raffles  Design Institute Manila College Director
Emplyees of Raffles Design Institute Manila facilitated a short game. Of course, I won the game (wink!wink!)
Student talked about her fulfilling experience at Raffles Design Institute Manila t
My husband is a photography enthusiast so I know basic stuff on photography but it is a lot different when one is taught by a professional like Sven Pfrommer.   

Some of my co-bloggers were hesitant to join when Sven Pfrommer asked them to but he reiterated that whatever kind of camera we own does not matter because it is the photographer who makes photos, not the camera. 


There are more photos I can share with what I've learned from  Sven Pfrommer but I suggest you visit Raffles Design Institute, Manila as they offer more professional education for the following disciplines: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Visual Communication, Interior Design, Business with Specialization.

Raffles Design Institute Manila offers learning environment that are characterized by the promotion of enterprise and working links with the industry and professions. Vocational outcomes and the employability of students are emphasized, as are creative and analytical approaches that encourage individual judgment and self-awareness. Seeking to pave the way for students' successful careers with an educational experiences that emphasizes:

Creativity and Innovation Enterprise
Entrepreneurship Relevance
Employability Professional Excellence Through Professional Staff Development
Socially Responsible Professional Practice

Raffles Design Institute Manila is part of Raffles Education Corporation Ltd., an undisputed leader for design and business education in the Asia-Pacific region. It's first college was established in 1990 in Singapore and since then has grown into a vast network of 30 colleges and universities in 28 cities across 13 countries.


Advance Diploma in Fashion Design
Intakes: January, April, July and October
Duration: 2 Years Full-time

Develops the in-depth understanding of wearable art through exploratory and experimental projects. Creativity and technical proficiency will bring you abreast in this fast-paced industry.

Advanced Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Management
Intakes: January, April, July and October
Duration: 2 Years Full-time

Provides solid grounding of business knowledge, contextual studies and the most recent industry focused marketing practices for the stylish and business savvy.

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design
Intakes: January, April, July and October
Duration: 2 Years Full-time

Focuses on the human interface within a space by executing intensive architectural and design solutions.

Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication
Intakes: January, April, July and October
Duration: 2 Years Full-time

Explores the economic and socio-cultural implications of various design solutions to hone multidisciplinary skills through major practical projects.

Advanced Diploma in Business
Intakes: January, April, July and October
Duration: 2 Years Full-time

Develop professional skills and qualities needed to become a successful decision maker to propel your team and break through a competitive market.

The Raffles Global Edge

Jumpstart your career by attaining one of the many internationally-recognized design and business qualifications via their fast-track education pathways.

Learn the best in international professional practice from their diverse academic team of professional practitioners hailing from all over the world.

Ready yourself for the real world by learning from their global networks, real-life working environments and industrial internship programs.

I was presented with a Certificate of Attendance in acknowledgement of completing the Photography Workshop with lecturer Sven Pfrommer.

Raffles Design Institute Manila
1009 Metropol Bldg., Metropolitan Ave., 
Makati City, Philippines
(+632) 890.0860