June 13, 2015


I'm all green (even my mind, lol) because Green is in in 2015. I waited for the perfect time to wear this ensemble - Banana Republic top, H&M skort, Praiaz shoes and Necklace by Palamuti by PJ. I was feeling confident until...

Me: Love, how do I look?
Juan: You look like a carrot.
Me: I don't mind if I look like a carrot. I just need to know if I look beautiful.
Juan: You look like a beautiful carrot.

Disatisfied with Juan's reply, I approached Julia.

Me: Anak, your little brother said I look like a carrot.
Julia: No, you look like a baligtad carrot.

Ahh, what the heck, I went to Max's Kapitolyo Blessing wearing the carrot ensemble.

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