June 9, 2015

Chef Sau Del Rosario's 20 Years of Love + Cooking

My twin kids started their high school classes last week and my youngest son's first day in grade 4 was yesterday. I basically don't go to all the events I'm invited because I am foremost a mom. The saying goes, in every rule there's an exemption, so I broke my no event on a school day rule to have an intimate 3-course lunch with celebrity chef Sau Del Rosario.  

A short cooking demo took place where Chef Sau shared how to cook his Baked Barramundi Casserole and Chorizo de Pamplona

In partnership with AKME Publishing Group Corporation and the Center for Culinary Arts Manila (CCA), select representatives from the media were treated for lunch at Epicurious, Shangri-La Plaza.

CCA's future successful chefs: Paul Arvin Faraon, Abigail Zandra Marie Ortiz, 
Angelica Nulud, Carl Del Monte, Jed Christian Agbayani, and Cyril Lee

Fresh from the highly successful launch of Chef Sau's first cookbook, 20 Years of Love + Cooking, guests were given a signed copy of 20 Years of Love + Cooking. 

I asked Chef Sau to dedicate it to my son because he wants to be a chef

20 Years of Love + Cooking is part autobiography and part memoir on his journey to good food. This book is chef Sau del Rosario's product of love and passion starting from his childhood days in Pampanga, to his fearless adventures in Paris, France and other journey in several cities in Asia, until his return to the Philippines as the gastronomic rock star that he is. 

The book is now available in National Bookstore and Fully Booked outlets nationwide at P1,295. 20 Years of Love + Cooking is also available at Amazon and Breakfast Mag.

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