June 12, 2015

Divided Into Two

It's one of those days  - that day when everything don't go the way you planned it to be. I've made plans to go out of town for Independence Day but a lot got in the way - my son had to attend a group meeting for school project, I had my monthly period, Julia broke the sink that my husband had to fix.

When everything seems to be going wrong, my cure is to clean the bathroom for I am the Banyo Queen!  While I was cleaning the bathroom Juan bathe and we had a conversation that made my day better...

Juan: Mom, I need more of your falling hair.
Me: Why, what are you doing, love?
Juan: I'm doing a DNA extraction
Me: For what?
Juan: I'm making me a twin.
Me: Why do you want a twin?
Juan: So that I'll be like Ate and Kuya.
Me: Why? Aren't you happy being you?
Juan: I'm happy but Ate and Kuya and you utos me a lot. If I have a twin,
                the utos will be divided into two.

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