June 7, 2015

From June 18-20, at all OMF Lit and Passages Bookshops, stuff all the IMPORTED books that you can in a special OMF Lit book bag.  

Here are the mechanics:
 1. Buy the special OMF Lit book bag for P50 during the sale period.
 2. Stuff it with as much imported books as you can from our special sale pile.
 3. Zip it close! 
 4. Pay only P3000 for all the books. That’s as much as 60% savings!

From June 2-14, visit any OMF Lit and Passages Bookshops and pay P500 to pre-register (this will be deducted from your P3000 Stuff All You Can fee.) 

You’ll get the book bag, a P200 gift certificate, and a free loyalty card membership for one year!  

Kaibigan and Pastors Exclusives card holders will get the book bag and a P300 gift certificate.

Then just go back to the bookshop on June 18-20 to stuff your bag with all the imported books you want.

Other details: 
• Kabigan and Pastors' Exclusives card holders get a special early access to the SAYC sale on June 17. To find out how you can become a loyalty card holder, click here.  
• Keep your eye on this Pinterest board to see which titles will be included in the SAYC sale. We'll be updating it over the next few days! 
• Bibles are not included in the SAYC sale, but they will be at 20% off during the sale dates.  
• The bag size is 10x10, and when we tried it out, it could fit as much as 12 books that would normally cost you around P7000. So this is a great deal!  

If you don’t want to avail of the Stuff All You Can promo, you can still visit us during those dates (June 18-20) and get 20% off on all original, licensed, and imported titles, including Bibles

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