June 1, 2015

Miss SpaceMaker Stylish and Affordable Furniture

We used to live in a 2 bedroom apartment where we have to customize furniture and other stuff to accommodate the small space so I know how it feels like looking for that perfect piece of furniture only to feel exasperated. If you are having the same dilemma, you don’t have to settle for too expensive, or too large furniture, check out  Miss Spacemaker for stylish and affordable furniture that find and create space in your home. 

I found Miss Spacemaker at Top Mom Picks month where they showcased multi-purpose-decorative- ladder in natural, blue and red finish. 

I chose the natural finish to fit in to the colorful vibe in my kids' rooms. 

This is how multi-functional this piece is...


Julia's room for her stuffed toy collection

Juan's room for his lego and moshi.

Rafael's room for his books and outfit for the day.

Create space in your home by calling Miss Spacemaker at 0917 588 4366, 
or email miss.spacemaker@gmail.comis.

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