June 14, 2015

Museum Cafe Turned 11

We started going to Museum Cafe when the twins were just a year old.  How time flies! The twins are now 12 and that means M Cafe is already 11 years in the food business! 

Museum Cafe's 11th year celebration actually started at 9pm but I was there at 4pm for a business meeting with Gwen Carino (Raintree's PR).

M Cafe surely know how to make their loyal patrons happy as they served Silken tofu unagi sauce, Black ink gyoza, Truffled spareribs, Pork belly ssam, with overflowing red and white wine! I forgot to take photos of the food, I had so much fun, that's why.

Great music was also provided with the following line up, Kat Arragado of Sino SiKat, Brigada, Escolta 3 AM feat. Skarlet, Malasimbo, DJ’s Tom turner, Bad kiss Supreme, fist with special guest DJ Edge.

I stayed til 1030 pm only so I didn't get to see other celebrities, 
I just saw Illac Diaz who came with her grilfriend.

The night would have been just another covered  event but it wasn't.
It was great to be seated with Earth and meeting her sister, Olay.

Thanks, Gwen, you're surely an angel disguised as a PR! 
(Photo courtesy: Earth Rullan)

Museum Cafe
Ayala Museum Complex
Makati City
757 3000

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