July 31, 2015

Celebrate Birthdays at Linden Suites

I booked at Linden Suites for my 42nd birthday a week before my birthday, July 12. Unfortunately, five hours prior to check-in I received a message from my brother-in-law, Kuya George, that my father was rushed to the hospital. Instead of hotel staycation, John, my siblings, nephews, nieces and I rushed to the hospital.  Fortunately, Linden Suites was considerate enough to re-book me. 

Since John's birthday is just a week after mine, Linden was kind enough to accommodate us. Thank you, Linden Suites!

We stayed at a 3-bedroom suite, which has a published rate of P25,000. If it's your birthday month, go and celebrate it at Linden Suites because they're slashing 75%, so you'll only pay P6,250 nett! 

I love  Linden Suites though it's just our second time to stay there because I don't have to worry about food.  Convenience stores and malls are walking dintance. And if you feel like cooking, why not! Linden Suites kitchen is BIG! 

Just a week after hospitalization, Papa is looking great! The staff made it easier for Papa with the use of wheelchair.

Linden Suites' 3 Bedroom suite is spacious enough to accommodate all of our guests! Guests are allowed to stay until 11pm only.

Gaye (John's sister) and her kids Meeca and Gabe,  and Gaye's friend.
My youngest sis, Liz, and her family - Waldy, Izh, Yuri.

My Ate Sheila and her family - Andrei, Nice and Kuya George.
My Kuya Bob and his kids - Bea, Gaby and Luis. Sis-in-law, Ate Cleo is in Greece.
John (nephew) and John (birthday boy)

My bestfriend Nen and my brother Jubert

The kids and Papa, too, enjoyed watching while adults do our business.

Gaby, Bea and Izh had a grand time playing because Linden Suites is spacious enough for them. 
Yuri, the youngest member of the clan, was happy and comfortable, he didn't throw tantrums the whole time!
When all the guests went home, Papa and Tita Jo slept soundly while the birthday boy nangulit on the side!
The Mendiolables!
 We didn't get too tired entertaining our guests. Staying at Linden Suites was convenient, comfortable and most of all, affordable! Don't just take my word, go and celebrate birthdays at Linden Suites.

The Linden Suites
TEL: (632) 638 7878
FAX: (632) 638 7877 | (632) 633 7012


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