July 12, 2015

Make The Most of It

Today is my 42nd birthday. I booked a staycation with my family at Linden Suites but five hours before checking in at the hotel I received a message from my brother-in-law saying that my father was rushed to the hospital. I had to call Linden to cancel and re-schedule my booking.

Instead of being sad, John and I brought all the food to the hospital and spend an afternoon of tawanan, kwentuhan at kainan.

Am I happy? Yes because Papa is doing better now. And yes, because not everyone gets to celebrate life til 42. I'm praying that I get to live another 42 years. 

My sisters, Ate Rose and Ate Che. Kulang isa, Liz.

My siblings, My brothers - Kuya Bob and Jubert

My cousins, este, nieces - Jel, Gaby and Bea

When I got home, a surprise Contis Mango Bravo Cake, ordered all the way from Californiam US of A, was waiting for me!
Thanks, Nora of More Than Just A Sahm! I miss you even more...

"At some point or the other 
when things go beyond our plans
you have to be ready to accept 
what's at hand and make the most of it"
- Joy Mendiola
July 12, 2015

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  1. Hi Joy! Belated happy birthday and I hope that your Dad is feeling much better now. Wishing you more years filled with happiness and good health !


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