July 23, 2015

Paper Towels

A paper towel is an absorbent towel made from paper. There's plenty of use for paper towels but it's normally used just once and then you dump it in the trash can. One of the most important use of paper towels for me is when I fry. It helps absorb that extra oil.

If you can do without paper towels, it's better for it does not only save you money, most of all you help save trees, create less trash and decrease the pollution involved in the production, packaging and distribution of disposable paper products.

For those who still can't let go of paper towels, my kids and I tried four brands and compared each.
Bonus is too thin, it does not absorb water spills much. Plus, if you use it for draining excess oil
from a hot food, it'll stick there, like forever (lol)

Value at P1 higher than Bonus has actually the same effect.

Sanicare is our favorite, although P5 higher. The material is thicker than the first two, which makes it more absorbent. We actually save more money buying Sanicare than Bonus and Value.

Bounty is too expensive for regular Pinoys but I really love their cute design
that I almost don't want too use it.

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