July 13, 2015

Red Rice

Filipinos were shocked with the news of fake white rice circulating in the Visayas region. I don't want to sound selfish but I was not that alarmed because my family  has been eating brown rice for more than five years now. I'm happy with the health benefits that brown rice delivered, such as lower cholesterol and more fiber.

For the last three months, I've experimented on red rice. I first bought a kilo and mixed half a cup of red rice with half a cup of brown rice.  My daughter is the pickiest eater among mg three kids but since she liked red rice, I've swithed from brown to red rice of late.

Here are the reasons why Julia likes red rice:

1. It smells good. It has a more earthy aroma than brown rice.
2. Red rice assumes a creamier texture, it is softer than brown rice.
3. It has a pleasant nutty crunch
4. Red rice has a most interesting color. It turns purplish (which is Julia's favorite color), sometimes maroon, or at times super red.

Red and brown rice sells at about the same price. P68 to 75 for regular red rice, and P85 to P100 for organic red rice. 

Health benefits why you should consider red rice in your grocery list:

1. It is high in fiber which means that it satiates more. You get full easily so you don't overeat.
2. Helps regulate weight.
3. Cleanses the colon of toxins.
4. Soaks up cholesterol thus help lower bad cholesterol.It contains proanthocyanidins, plant pigments which impart to foods a reddish, purplish color.  These pigments also double up as antioxidants which have been found to reduce cholesterol and sugar levels in types 1 and 2 diabetic patients.  
5. Red rice contains angiotension II which lowers blood pressure and helps declog fat-coated arteries.
6. Red rice counters the allergy-inducing effect of histamine, making it an excellent part of a hypoallergenic diet for asthma and allergy sufferers.

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