June 30, 2015

Review: Master Hanz Cua's Intuitive Tarot Reading

I was disturbed with a problem somebody caused me last year. Although not afraid, I was restless because I'm not used to having an issue like that.

As I was shopping at Shangri-La Plaza last April 2015, I saw Master Hanz kiosk while having a tarot reading with a client. I waited for them to finish and submitted myself to Master Hanz' Intuitive Tarot Reading.

Intuitive Tarot Card Reading is done using intuition – that gut feeling or first instinct that comes to you when you look at a card. Intuitive readings leave each card open to interpretation within the context of the question and the other cards in the spread by using the artwork, the cards themselves, the symbols and how it makes you feel. It is a gut reading more so that regurgitation of memorized definitions.

Tarot Cards are powerful tools for those with the ability to interpret the cards. I must say that Master Hanz is an expert on this area. He was able to read the intention of the person who was causing me that discomfort. Master Hanz even advised me to consult my lawyer as the tarot cards indicated I have all the evidence and right to bring the true nature of this person to be able to help those that this person victimized in the past.

After the Intuitive Tarot Reading, Master Hanz did some ritual that helped me battle all the negative forces around me. Charms are also available at Master Hanz Cua's booth.

Master Hanz helped me lose those worries. His readings was all correct.Thanks, Master Hanz!!!

Aside from Intuitive Tarot Reading, Master Hanz Cua's services includes Chinese Astrology, Face and Palm Reading and Feng Shui.  Let Master Hanz help enhance your business or personal life, book an appointment, contact Master Hanz: +63922-829-03-82 Hanz_cua2002@yahoo.com.

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