August 13, 2015

Health Benefits Green Smoothie

I  watched popular chefs prepare green smoothie countless times. I tasted  their green smoothie and know its health benefits but it took me just last month to do my own green smoothie at home because of Maricar Alvarez. I met Maricar twice at OMF, the recent was last July at Bee Healthy Food Demo  where I started to really take green smoothie seriously. I'll be writing more about Maricar and her journey to health and wellness soon. For the meantimen, here are some of my green smoothie combination:

Green Apple, Banana and Talbos ng Kamote (Camote Tops)
Grapes and Spinach
Lettuce and Watermelon
Alugbati, Banana, Mango. Go easy on the number of alugbati you put because the aroma of alugbati may not go well with your taste. This is not popular choice among my children and kids
Apple, Lettuce, Banana
Mango, Banana and Talbos ng Kamote (Camote Tops)

Mango, Saluyot and Banana
These are just some of the nutritious, tasty green smoothie that is now part of my morning ritual. I take it in the morning at least an hour before I eat breakfast.  Next time I'll try kale, parsley, dandelion greens and collard greens, as well watercress.

Why am I taking this green smoothie seriously? I feel I have more energy, I have less mood swings of late. Other health benefits of green smoothie are:

1. Helps in regular digestion, that rid of toxins
2. You'll lose weight becuase you get fewer cravings for sugary and salty processed food! Believe me, I'm a junk food lover, I crave for potato chips, but for a month I have not touched a single chp!
3. Skin becomes radiant, hair and nails grow in faster and stronger.
4. Lowers blood sugar. For diabetics, be sure to choose low sugar fruits, such as berries, green apples, grapefruit, can totally transform your health.

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