August 1, 2015


It is good to start the first post for August on a positive note. Nope, I'm not paid or sponsored by McDonalds for this. Neither did my kids joined McDo Kiddie Crew last summer, lalong hindi naman ako!

Then why am I wearing this McDo toque and apron? I'm grateful for all the gifts I received for my 42nd birthday but among them, this is my most favorite.

This was given by Jacob 2 weeks before my birthday. Jacob, by the way, is my son's classmate since Grade 2.  Jacob is such a sweet and thoughtful boy. Whenever I fetch Juancho in school, Jacob has a ready smile, a hug and kiss for me.

He told Juancho, he's giving me this Mcdo toque and apron because he knows I'm into cooking.

Jacob is a old and important Old Testament Bible name. The name means "heel-grabber" 
or "he who supplants," because he was grasping his twin borther , Esau's heel when he was born.
Jacob is generally used as a name for boys. In 2014, Jacob ranked number 4 in popularity.

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