August 15, 2015

Old Navy

Although Rafael is 5 months away from becoming a teenager, he is displaying many changes, both physically and emotionally.  For boys, physical changes usually start around 11 or 12 years, and this is specially true for my son.  When  Rafael reached the age of 11, his dilemma (and mine, too) started. Parents of a teenage boy have more than their fair share of ups and downs as their son experience puberty. At first, I couldn't understand why he wants a certain brand, a certain color, a certain style when he used to just wear anything, no fuss, no drama. As a loving mother, I now embrace whatever it is my son is going through. I try to be as supportive as possible, but not to  the point of spoiling him.

For months, Rafael was eyeing Sperry Topsider which costs around five thousand. We've checked all the malls within Metro Manila for that shoes. I even emailed the Marketing of Sperry for a size 7. Good thing they didn't have a size 7!

As the saying goes, "good things happen to those who wait", for we were able to buy a much cheaper shoes for Rafael at Old Navy.

Originally priced at P1,650, we got it at a discounted price of P1,150!

My  boy is happy na! Happy din ako kasi nakatipid kami ng pagka laki-laki!

"My number one goal is to love and support my son 
but not to the point of spoiling him."
- Joy Mendiola
August 15, 2015

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