August 25, 2015

Pizza Hut Made It Great

If you frequent this blog, you know how I like throwing surprise parties to my friends and loved ones. For Lyn's 40th birthday, I planned to surprise her a party at Linden Suites, with the help of her three lovely daughters, but the girls said their dad has already planned a swimming for their family. 

Since my plan wouldn't fit in, I met Lyn a day before her birthday. We watched a movie and dine out. 

Nora, who's now based in California, asked me to send Lyn a birthday cake. I phoned in several cake shops but all of them doesn't have a delivery where Lyn is located. I was sad that Lyn's birthday ended without Nora's surprise cake.

I went out the next day to find another cake shop, when I spotted Pizza Hut Boni. I went in and asked the Manager, Michelle Rivera, to help me. Pizza Hut made it great by making Lyn's 40th birthday happy and busog! Hindi din naman talaga late, kasi sa Amerika e August 21 pa din ng dumating ang pizza ni Nora para kay Lyn.

Thanks a lot, Michelle, and the whole staff of  Pizza Hut Boni!

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