September 25, 2015

3M Philippines Launches a Different Kind of Weekend Market

A  different  kind  of  weekend  market  featuring  knickknacks,  apparels, household trinkets, DIY solutions and other interesting finds for your home stop  bills   Command  Hanging  Market  @  DMCI  Homes  by  Command™Damage-Free Mounting Solutions from 3M! The Command Hanging Market @ DMCI Homes that kicks-off at the Royal Palm  Residences,  Acacia  Estates,  Taguig  City  is  in  partnership  with residential community developer, DMCI Homes; and one of the pioneering hardware business in the country that dates back in the 1920s, Co Ban Kiat.

The weekend market catering primarily to DMCI residents will go around 10DMCI  communities and culminate in a Hanging Market-Family Day-Bazaar at the Acacia Tent on December 2015. Inspired  by  the  success  of  Salcedo  and  Mercato  weekend  markets,  the Command Hanging Market @DMCI Homes will run for two days in the 10DMCI communities. It will feature various merchandise for every part of the home  like  housewares,  fashion  accessories,  apparel,  kitchen  and  bath essentials,  furniture  and  picture  frames  sold  at  exciting  deals!

Items featured can easily be hanged without damaging the wall with the use of Command hooks and hangers! DMCI home-owners gets to hang out and enjoy the 2 day weekend market with  discounted  products,  learning  opportunities,  exciting  games,  fun booths, and freebies!

“The  Command  Hanging  Market  @DMCI  Homes  provides  home-makers/condo-owners with home improvement and space saving ideas that will transform them to easy DIY experts in their home spaces,” shares Rene Delos Reyes, 3M Philippines Construction and Home Improvement Markets Division Head. The  weekend  market  also  features  a  workshop  on  best  of  home improvement  ideas  highlighting  clutter  management  and  home organization tips with the purpose of  providing easy and effective space saving  ideas  for  home-makers/condo-owners,  from  ho home  improvement expert and blogger, Coni Tejada.

The Command Brand continues to be premiere partners with DMCI Homes in  making  Condo-living  (and  home-making)  creative  and  personalized, hassle-free, neat and easily enjoyed. The Command brand from 3M leads the way in providing easy expertise in organizing, decorating and managing condo spaces! To  know  more  about 3M Philippines  and  its  Command™  Damage-Free Mounting Solutions’ products, visit

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