September 4, 2015

Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding

I was sick for two weeks. The pain was unbearable, di kasi ako makadaldal. Juan was my constant companion, back scratcher, head massager, storyteller, taga kuha ng water, biscuits at iba. 

Half awake, I knew he was checking if I'm still breathing. Then he'd kiss me on my forehead. Juan is my unexpected joy. To think umiyak ako ng nagbuntis ako sa kanya because I was ready to go back to the corporate world when the twins turned 3. 

I am proud that I breastfed Juan for 7 years. May nagawa din ang  extended breastfeeding ko sa kanya for Juan is a happy, smart and mabait na anak.  He makes me laugh, kahit may kakulitan minsan. Last night...

Me: Love, thank you so much for taking care of me.
Juan: It's okay, mommy. I love you e. That's why you don't judge the boy by its fat. 

Hahaha! Anlabo.

Extended breastfeeding means nursing beyond the first year.  In the Philippines, extended breastfeeding is acceptable especially in the 70s up to early 90s. I was breastfed til I was 7, and so is my son Juan. However, some countries do not approve of such practice.

Depending on your view and where you live, long-term breastfeeding is a definitely a choice, your choice.  Here are significant benefits of  extended breastfeeding for my Juan:

1. Juan didn't get sick often as compared to his non-breastfed peers.
2. Juan is a confident, happy and smart kid.
3. We traveled a lot, so breastfeeding Juan made it a lot easier fon'thave to worry about carrying cans of formula milk, distilled water and baby bottles. 
4. Breastfeeding is good for moms health, too. According to studies, extended breastfeeding is ssociated with a lower risk of breast and ovarian cancers in women.
5. Continued breastfeeding helped to keep my weight in check. Some research shows that extended breastfeeding combined with a healthy diet and exercise may keep you trimmer for years to come. I am a living testament to this study.

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