September 6, 2015

Long Formal Dresses

It used to bother me when long formal dresses are required in an event I need to host as owner of Occasions of Joy Events, or cover as a blogger for this blog. Lacking height, is not a concern for me anymore. 

If you're short  or petite like me, all you have to do is to choose gowns that have V-necks or off-shoulder which create the illusion of an elongated torso. 

Look at this yellow long formal dress, even if it's in light shade
it can make a petite woman look taller because of its V-neck. 

You can also opt a statuesque look by wearing a gown in a solid color because solid colors create the illusion of height that elongate your body frame. Black is always my favorite when it comes to long formal dresses because it does not only make me tall but slim as well.

Explore a variety of off-the-shoulder long formal dresses because it is a total hit to give you a killer look. Make sure that if you choose an off shoulder, it has details or embellishments just like the gown above.

Lastly, don't forget to wear high heels because it offer practical benefits for people of short stature. High heels make short woman more elegant and they will make your legs look slimmer. Aside from that, high heels  are a great fashion accessory that's great for boosting confidence of a petie woman like me.

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