September 13, 2015

Nicci's 7th Birthday

A birthday is an occasion when a person celebrates the anniversary of his or her birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures differently.  Say for example in Canada and the United States, a girl's 16th birthday is such an important date. In Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries on the other hand, traditionally marks a girl's 15th birthday. In the Philippines, 1st, 7th birthdays, and girls on their 18th birthday or boys on their 21st birthday is important and commonly celebrated with family and friends.

My kids and I are honored to have been invited for Nicci's 7th birthday celebration last September 12 at the City Club in Makati. My family were supposed to be out-of-town from September 12 to 13 for John and my 22nd anniversary but the kids begged me to just celebrated on the 11th so they can join Nicci on her special day. Plus, of course, they love to play basketball under Coach Nic and Coach Ali Peek.
Nicci is the daughter of PBA Legend, Coach Nic Belasco, and beauty queen, Mafae Yunon-Belasco.

Nicci's birthday was one whole day of fun, starting with basketaball, movie screening, play, mini concert. And guessing game for the gender of their baby. Mafae is 5 months pregnant.

Sharing here Mafae's Youtube account for Nicci's birthday week celebration.

(View more photos HERE)

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