September 15, 2015

OMF Literature Launching of New Inspiring Books

I have turned down event invites at night these past months. It was a different story though with Ida's invite for OMF Literature Launching of New Inspiring Books. I was so excited to meet and greet the authors and illustrators that I came a day before the event. I know, it's a sigh of aging. Well, that mistake, plus the rain, didn't stop me from going at Privato Hotel on the launch itself. I even had a special date - my joyful son. 

Juan had fun reading the books. He even bought a lot of books to be given to his friends. To top it all, he had the privilege to have his books signed by the authors!

Of course, I had my moments with the authors as well.

with co-mom blogger, Jana Estrevillo-Tupas of Mrs. Ever After
with co-blogger Kax Merioles

OMF Literature CEO Aleks Tan
Authors and illustrators
Mr. and Mrs. Na
  Here are the of OMF Literature's New Inspiring Books

“A room without books is like a body without a soul"

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