October 24, 2015

Almost Won

A week before United Nations program, Juan came home and told me he's joining Mr. UN as Pakistan.  I immediately Googled "Pakistan Male National Costume", and these are the top 3 images shown...

For practical reasons and with lack of time to go to a costume maker I sourced 5 thrift shops, popularly called ukay-ukay. I found an orange-velvet coat, along with a black MC Hammer pants and white dress for only P100!

The pants was a perfect fit for Juan. As for the dress, I cut the jewels and temporarily pinned on the coat

Then I asked the help of my best friend in recycling, upcycling and arts and crafts - Gilda Yanela, to resize, repair and sew Juan's costume.

Gilda Yanela
Voila, Mr Pakistan on the runway of SM Sta. Mesa!

I forgot my black scarf, good thing Mrs. Ramos of Aquinas School Admin was wearing her blue scarf.
Juan with classmates,  namely Marcus Eito, Inigo De Guzman, Nicco Bungcayao, Henry Espinosa

I thought that my son will be devastated. I partly hid from the crowd so as not to see his disappointment for not winning. After Mr. United Nations winner was announced, Juan rushed to me and happily said, "Mom, I almost won! I'm number 32, the one who won is number 31!".

Kala ko doon na nagtatapos, then Juan said. "I'm joining again next year. I won't stop until I win. Buy me na kasi a nice costume nest year!".

"I am determined to be cheerful and happy 
in whatever situation I may find myself.
 For I have learned that the greater part of our misery 
or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance 
but by our disposition."
 - Martha Washington

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