October 25, 2015

Kuya J Review

Instead of going to our favorite Max's Restaurant we headed at Kuya J after my son's United Nations activity at SM Centerpoint last October 22, 2015 to have early dinner. 

From the outside, the place is actually nice - clean, spacious and well-lighted.

The menu is spread just outside the store for quick and easy reading.
The table setting is pleasing to the eyes as well.

My husband asked how big is the serving of each food before ordering. The food server specifically replied, "good for 2 to 3 person po". Our disappointment started when it took them so long to serve the food considering that there were just 3 groups (total of 10 people) dining at that time. 
Kuya J's lupia is a must try according to the server and their menu so I ordered one. In the menu their were 2 pieces of lumpia but the actual lumpia served was just 1 piece cut into two. When we talked to the server, she said, "ganyan po talaga ang sini-serve namin dito, Sa menu lang po yung 2 piece."

Lumpi Presko photo from Kuya J's menu

Pork BBQ on a stick was poorly served with lots of unsightly drippings on a plate. At P150, hindi ito sulit sa liit.

Rafael couldn't taste the chicken barbeque because it is badly burnt and hard! I had to ask for toyo and calamansi so that my son can eat.

Rice is good enough for the kids, as John and I don't eat rice

We ordered for sinuglaw as the menu and server suggested it is a must try. Masarap naman, in fairness but look at how they served it, lumututang sa sabaw at kakarampot ang gulay. When we told the manager about it, he even argued, "ma-creamy po talaga yan". I just had to say my piece, "creamy is different from masabaw.. I was excited to eat the green leafy veggies on the side but look at the difference from the menu to the actual  sinuglaw".

Sinuglaw photo from Kuya J's menu

Dear Kuya J, I hope you get to read this post.  I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I suggest  to make the necessary adjustments like either serve 2 piece lumpia as shown in the menu or change the lumpia photo from the menu from 2 pieces to one piece cut into two. Your sinuglaw is actually delicious except that it looks more a like creamy soup.

Restaurant staff as well as managers and supervisors must be alert at all times. When we were there they were all busy talking at the counter so we kept on waving our hands for their attention.

I filled-up your survey form and left my calling card to the manager on duty, Mr. Emerson San Jose, I just do not know if you'll be able to read it as I know you are busy building more Kuya J restaurant.


  1. I can definitely see the difference on our first time experience with this Restaurant. I agree on the part about the Lumpia picture, parang false advertisement. We didn't get to try everything you ordered here except for the sinuglaw. ~pearliza paguio

  2. We have an awful dining experience with Kuya J too. Your sinuglaw looks better than what we got. You can read our experience here: Kuya J's SM Dasma Review

    We might not dine there again. #sigh

    ~ Louise

  3. Dining at their restaurant is quite disappointing. The food was cold when they served it, and yes, there's a huge difference from what you see on their menu. I wish they can change and accept suggestions.


Thank you for the joyful comments!