October 9, 2015

Marc Pingris as Black Mamba Energy Drink with Guarana Endorser

It was a jampacked night at TGIF Libis when media and bloggers trooped to meet Marc Pingris as Black Mamba Energy Drink Endorser.

Gilas star player, Marc Pingris,  was joined by Black Mamba Energy Drink President and General Manager, Mr. German Panghulan, Product Manager Mr. Aldrin Arce, and Advertising Consultant Mr. Joel Salindong.

What makes  Black Mamba Energy Drink different from the many energy drinks in the market? Mr. Panghulan said, "Black Mamba Energy Drink is a healthier option for physically active and busy individual like athletes and office workers because Black Mamba Energy Drink is the the only one that has Guarana. Guarana is made from crushed seeds of Paullinia cupana, a woody shrub native to Brazil and parts of the Amazon. Guarana contains twice the concentration of caffeine that can be found in coffee seeds.  Black Mamba Energy Drink also has Taurine that has anti-oxidant properties; Inositol that aids in reducing blood cholesterol levels; and Vitamin B Complex that aid brain function and promotes mental and cardiovascular wellness.

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  1. hi would you know the company distributor of black mamba? thanks

    1. Hi Rowie! I don't know company distributor of black mamba.


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