October 12, 2015

REDOXFAT: The Allure of Body Sculpting

There are few things more satisfying than getting results. When it comes to sculpting physiques, even fewer can compare. With the body as a canvass, the ability to control one’s own destiny is so tangible that it becomes quite addicting. After years of obesity, one can suddenly reverse his or her situation by dedicated weight training and healthy eating. And the results can be quite life changing.

The only real opponent in body sculpting is yourself. Unfortunately, some are more successful than others as temptations cannot be completely slayed. Others take a longer time to maintain discipline. This is where Redoxfat can help. 

What can help us maintain our bodies despite having cheat days? RedoXfat. RedoXfat is a food supplement that contains 350 mg of Green Tea Extract and 150 mg of L-Carnitine. It promotes weight loss as it transforms the fatty acids in the body into sources of energy. Also, L-Carnitine speeds up your metabolism and improve your digestion.

RedoXfat is SRP P16.00 per capsule. Available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. Don’t get sidetracked. Keep on sculpting your body with RedoXfat.

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