October 13, 2015

The White Hat Chalk and Lettering Workshop

There are many things I'm good at, unfortunately reposting in instagram is not one of them. When I saw that The White Hat is running a contest for Chalk and Lettering Workshop I had to learn how to repost because that was one of the requirements to earn a ticket to the said event.

I joined the contest not for me but for my daughter. I was so happy when Jad sent me a direct message, saying I got in for the workshop.

Julia is into art - drawing, doodling, painting and more since she was a little girl. She was happy to learn that she'll be attending a chalk lettering workshop because she thought it was a 'choco lettering workshop. Meaning they'll be using real chocolates. 

Kay Aranzanso facilitated the workshop

 The participants' yummy and healthy snack provided free, of course, by The White Hat

The participants went home happy, aside from the knowledge they learned, they also got to bring home take home goodies from The White Hat and more.

Learn about White Hat's events and proos at: https://www.facebook.com/TWHYogurt

(View more photos HERE)

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