November 22, 2015

Passionfest 2015 at BGC

Be sure to head on over to Bonifacio High Street on November 27 to 29 to take part in the awesome games, art, food, shows!  

Since 2012, BGC has been acknowledging and celebrating this, by setting aside a weekend to offer a unique twist of passions simultaneously commemorating the heroism of Andres Bonifacio and the passionate Filipino community as a whole.

Passionfest 2015 at BGC is an annual, three-day citywide Passionfest, which is an event that celebrates Filipino life and culture with a modern twist. 

This year's theme, "Sari-Sari Fiesta" highlights food, games, and interactive activities that promote local arts and culturein a unique way.

Since Filipinos love food, adventurous gourmets may take part in the Pica Pica Quiz Night on November 27 at The Fort Open Parking where one can be surrounded with the Pinoy vibe,  from culinary offerings to pop culture trivia game.

On November 28, running and fitness enthusiasts can get a kick out of the Wacky Obstacle Run Challenge along 7th Avenue, which will be lined with inflatables to give your usual obstacle course that extra quirk.  The challenge will also feature a special hour for friends and family within the BGC community, where visitors can watch BGC waiters, sales assistants, security personnel, and groundskeeper go head-to-head.Of course, no fiesta would be complete without its parade.  

On November 29, Passionfest's Bayanihan Parade will showcase the different communities and passions of BGCitizens, from environmentalist to car clubs to photography enthusiasts, and many more, complete with all theaccoutrements: beautifully decorated kalesas, live music, and colorfully-costumed dancers.

Don't have a particular day in mind yet?  Then just drop by the Sari-Sari Fiesta, which will run forthe entire weekend, providing visitors with food booths to satisfy every one of your cravings fofor local flavor.  Sample some regional delicacies, play some perya games, even join an eating contest if it strikes your fancy.All these will be rounded off with various art and culture activities all over BGC: cultural performances every hour along Bonifacio High Street, a Bambike-handmade bamboo bicycle-tour around the area, the BGC Art Mart, Chalk the Walk, and many more!

All activities are free for people holding a Passionfest Passport!  All you need is you’re the Passionfest Passport and you’re good to go. 

How to claim your Passionfest Passport:
1. Take a selfie at the Sari-Sari Fiesta Bahay Kubo 
2. Present Php 1,500 single or accumulated receipts dated November 27-29 from any of the following malls: Bonifacio High Street, One Parkade, Two Parkade, The Fort Entertainment Complex, Bonifacio Stopover, Crossroads, Park Triangle
3. Present proof that you live or work in BGC – employment ID or utility bills may do!

For more information about BGC Passionfest 2015, visit or

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