December 25, 2015

A Home Filled with Laughter

Christmas is the merriest day of all but I was having a little blues on Christmas eve. I may have been pms-ing. Or maybe I miss the people I haven't seen for a long time. Or it could have been because I got so tired preparing for the whole holidays. I actually wanted to run from it all, go on an out-of-town trip and just forget about this happiest day. 

When I opened my Facebook, Bernadette (my cousin's daughter) asked if I'm dropping by at their place. Every Christmas I bring Bernadette and her siblings gifts to their place. How can I be so selfish and forget about Christmas? So I replied, "Hi Princess! I'm not feeling well today". 

The next ting I know Bernadette, her mom and her siblings are right in front of the door. And the joy suddenly came back to me. Christmas after all is a time for giving and reuniting with family and friends. 


Although Christmas is really tiring, especially for families like mine who doesn't have house helps, I appreciate all the love from people - friends and relatives alike, who took time to visit our nest. Having guests is a reminder that a home filled with laughter, is a home filled with love and joy.





Rhaine and Jomes






Pearl and Avilas
Dela Vegas

Gerlyn and Family

"A home filled with laughter
is a home filled with love and joy."
-Joy Mendiola
Christmas 2015


Thank you for the joyful comments!