January 3, 2016

Basketball Themed Party Ideas

My nephew, Yuri, celebrated his first birthday last Novemer with a basketball Themed Party because he likes balls a lot, as in a lot!

My sister Liz booked KFC Pasig for the venue since KFC carries NBA theme.

Birthday boy with his dad, Waldy, Ate Izhi, and Mom Liz

Guests came in in their jersey outfit

The winners for best in basketball attire - father and sons wearing Golden State Jersey

. Lootbags and prizes comes in a basketball theme as well.

 Us, #Mendiolables, came in jersey outfit, too!

A basketball party theme is a great idea if you're kid likes basketball, just like Yuri. 

Invitation: Let your guests know they are invited to the basketball event with a personalized basketball theme invitation by using the celebrator's face for a basketball magazine or a photo ticket invitation.

Decoration: Have a custom jersey created with the name of the celebrator and place it on the door to welcome the guests.  Lay out inflatable balls with a basketball desig om the floor. Set the table with chocolates in a basketball wrappings. 

Games and Activities: 
1. Basketball Word Search. 
Start your party with a quiet but challenging word search puzzle as you wait for all the guests to arrive.

2. HORSE is a popular basketball game that players of all ages can enjoy. Players line up. The first player announces what shot he is going to make and takes his shot. If he misses, he goes to the end of the line. If he makes the basket, the next player must make the same shot. If the second player misses, he gets an “H,” and it is the next player’s turn to announce a shot and try to make it. Each time a player fails to make a shot that his predecessor made, he gets another letter until someone has spelled “horse.” At that point the player is out.  The other players continue play until only one player is left. 

3. FIVE BALL. Set an order. The first person picks a location on the court and shoots 5 straight shots. Following in order, each player then shoots 5 shots from the same spot. After everybody has taken their five shots, the next in line picks a new spot and shoots 5 shots. Players then follow in order and shoot 5 shots each. Repeat until everyone has chosen their own spot to shoot. The winner is the one who made the most total shots.

4. HIGH JUMP. Pick up a roll of lined paper or a life sized image of a basketball player and attach it to the wall.  Also, pick up some basketball theme stickers. Have the kids line up and give them each a sticker.  One by one have the kids jump and stick their sticker as high as they can. The winner is the highest jumper.  Or the winner can be the one who attaches their sticker closest to the hand of the basketball player!

5. End your game with a personalized question and answer about the birthday celebrator's favorites, like who is his favorite basketball player, favorite basketball team, etcetera.


  1. Helpful post as i am shopping around for some basketball themed party. Thanks for this.

  2. Helpful post as i am shopping around for some basketball themed party. Thanks for this.


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