January 9, 2016

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Although I've been to Kanto Freestyle Breakfast before when Nora of More Than Just A Sahm guested at PopTalk as a food reviewer, I've never actually tried their food. I was just Nora's chaperone back then.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast was already featured in different tv shows, newspapers, magazines and blogs. I'm ashamed I haven't written about Kanto because I live near the place.

Finally last week, The #Mendiolables had a free time to try Kanto Freestyle Breakfast.  The place is not your typical eatery just around the corner because their food is served gourmet style! Para kang kumain sa isang mamahaling restaurant pero affordable.

#Mendiolables with Vinz and Sandra of Kanto Freestyle

New Zealand Tapa
Bacon and Egg
Pancake Bacon and Egg
Lechon Pork Belly
Korean Style Fried Chicken 
Cold Choco
Kapeng Batangas
The old Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, with the owner Vinz and staff.

Address: 549 San Joaquin Street, Plainview, Mandaluyong City
Telephone: 02 4002268


  1. Gah! Ang tagal ko nang gustong pumunta dito. Punta kami ni Bhogs one of this days.

  2. Been wanting to go there! How much per head on average sis?


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