February 1, 2016

It comes in Threes

It's officially the love month! No Valentines gift yet for your special someone? No problem! You don't have to spend so much to give the perfect gift because all you need is love and sincerity. 

I just like to share today how I made my ex boyfriend (because he is now my husband!) fall head over heels in love with me.

I was a working student 23 years ago when I met John. My mom recently passed away that time that I had to make both ends meet. It's my nature to be sweet and thoughtful but I had no money back then so I'd give John something that comes in threes. Three to mean I love You. John likes chocolates so I started with the cheapest, Choc-Nut! 

We were together as sweethearts for seven years, so from being a working student to a working girl, the 'it comes in threes' gift evolved from Choc-Nut to more expensive chocolates. 

Yes, expensive na sa akin ang Kit-Kat noon (hehehe)
Of course, the sweetest and most special gift I gave my husband are our children - Rafael, Julia and Juan. O diba, tatlo pa din!

"omne trium perfectum"
 (everything that comes in threes is perfect, 
or, every set of three is complete)
-Latin phrase      

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