February 19, 2016

Singapore Airlines: Showcase and Travel Fair 2016

BPI partners with Singapore Airlines in a one-of-a-kind promo as part of the celebration of the airlines’ 50th year in the Philippines, wherein BPI cardholders can avail of discounted ALL-IN fares to over 50 destinations around the world. With this offer, cardholders’ dream travels can now turn into reality; they can go to Singapore for only $150 or to Europe for only $850 at Real 0% Special Installment Plan of up to 6 months. BPI cardholders may also take advantage of up to 36 months Special Installment Plan with a low monthly add-on rate of 0.79%. Plus, a USD50 Cash Back will be given for every 4 tickets purchased to Singapore or 2 tickets beyond Singapore.

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And for only USD3, cardholders can avail of the Singapore Explorer Pass which is a free 1-day access to over 20 attractions or the Singapore Stopover Holiday wherein cardholder can get free 1 night stay in select hotels with return airport transfers.

The event of BPI and Singapore Airlines at Glorietta Activity Center was made happy because I got see and chitchat with people.  

Very first time to meet in person Berlin Domingo of MsBolin.Wordpress.com
and her cute baby boy.

Mish Redon, future lawyer and  Lifestyle and mommy blogger at starmishie.com
My college classmates who are now into blogging, too.
My Juan and Adae's Abby
BPI cardholders can also go to the Singapore Airlines ticket office or book flights online at www.singaporeair.com until February 29.  


  1. Thank you for making my stay sane and joyful. Nice meeting you as well and your handsome chaperone. Hope to see you again-- soon.


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