February 3, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

John and I have been a Smart Postpaid clients for years. John started with Smart in 1995 (di pa Smart company name noon) when the celphones are so big. I followed in 1999 while I was working at Medicard Philippines.

We got the twins a postpaid plan with Smart last June since they need it for school. Julia's line is doing OK but Rafael's had difficulty connecting since September. Even if Rafael's line cannot connect I still get billed every month. 

I got mad at my son for not returning my calls and sms messages, only to find out that he does not have an outgoing calls. What followed were calls I made at Smart Customer Hotline and frequent visits at Smart Megamall telling them of my son's line problem. All I got were the same answers, "it's working at their end". Even if they can here from my son's phone that "your line is redirected. I continuously get billed, which I continuously paid.

Finally after months of follow-ups, I got an answer, the problem was at their end. The line was left redirected for whatever reason they do not know. It's a good thing that the Front liner I talked to last Wednesday is a nice-sweet girl, otherwise it wouldn't be a Wonderful Wednesday.

I hope that Smart will refund all the bills I paid for the said months. And I hope that they hire more Ms. Clemente to pacify the anger, discontentment that Smart subscribers endure because of their poor connection and poor service.

Ms. Clemente

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