March 7, 2016

A Mom Like You

Juancho's school is just 20 minutes away from our home if we walk; 30 minutes away if we commute; 10 minutes away if we bring a car. The problem with bringing a car is the traffic when we go back home.  It's usually my husband who brings our kids to school, so when it's examnations time, I tell the twins to commute, while I accompany Juancho.

Today, as we walk along the road, waiting for the jeepney:

Juan: You know mom, I can't wait for the time when I can libre all the passengers in the jeepney.

Me: As in all, including the strangers?

Juan: Yes, all of them because I wan't to make them happy just like me.

Me: Are you happy? 

Juan: Yes, I'm happy because I'm so lucky to have a mom - a mom like you!

And this made my Monday! Sulit talaga ang desisyon na maging fulltime nanay.

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