March 31, 2016

Ipanema with STARCK

Earlier today at PRIMEA in Makati City, Ipanema intorduced its New Shoe Collaboration featuring world-renowned designer Philippe Starck, simply calling it  Ipanema with STARCK Collection.

The event was graced by Mr. Francisco Elizalde, ELRO President,
Mr. Francisco Elizalde, ELRO President

Ipanema with STARCK, is a new collection that reimagines footwear. Think about Timeless and Accessible Elegance. Starck lends his talent for minimal and organic design to re-envision a collection of modern, elegant sandals accessible to purveyors of stylish and smart innovation worldwide.
The Ipanema with STARCK collection will feature a collection of flats, flip flops, and sandals in four distinct designs, offered in a myriad of colors. These dynamic sandals are inspired by various possible lifestyles and moods to recognize all dimensions of the modern woman, such as arty, glamour, nature and sophisticated chic…

“The Ipanema with STARCK collection explores the territory of high elegance paired with the utmost minimalism. When you reach elegance with a few dollars or euros, this is no longer magic; it is a modern miracle,” says Philippe Starck.

The Ipanema with STARCK collection offers wearers the freedom of choice. Ultimately each woman can make her own selection from the variety of strap designs and colors that best represents her own unique style statement. The collection’s palette is a blend of neutral and citrus tones including white, black, smoke, acid yellow, orange, rose, transparent yellow, and transparent orange. The simple and sleek silhouettes are infused with an imaginative quality illustrating each of the four sensibilities. Organic elegance, purity, lightness and honoring the silhouette of the human form are quintessential to the design of the collection.

Cecille Loretizo, ELRO Retail Corporation Marketing Head
“We are truly privileged to team up with the world-renowned creator and creative genius Philippe Starck in this new collaboration,” says Cecille Loretizo, ELRO Retail Corporation Marketing Head. “This partnership will certainly bring timeless, accessible yet elegant line up of footwear for the modern, sophisticated women in the country and across the globe.”

Focusing on sustainability, Ipanema with STARCK was developed with 30% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. To achieve Starck’s designs, Ipanema adapted its industrial process to one that is more manual and artisanal.  The production process employs proprietary plastique injection technique to guarantee product comfort and delicate quality. The shoes handcrafted assembly of the straps to the sole allows a perfect fit for the women. The Ipanema with STARCK collection is the perfect balance between industrial production and artisanal savoir-faire.

This new and intense collaboration joins an impressive bevy of Starck creations spanning lifestyle products such as furniture and windmills, to revolutionary mega-yachts and inspiring hotels and restaurants. The result is a collection of lively sandals designed to enhance the lifestyle of modern women through innovative fashion and Starck’s innate passion for bettering an object.

For more updates about Ipanema’s newest collection, visit their Facebook account:


  1. So charming Joy! :*
    And I like that plain black... Parang so gaan noh?

    1. Super gaan, Eens! Bagay sa mga mahihina na ang tuhod like me, hehehe.

  2. This new collection is sexy! :)

  3. Nice colors. Would want to buy one for myself. :) Ihihi. Gastos Na naman to.

  4. Nice collection. So simple yet classic :)

  5. The new collection is so chic! So tempting! :)

  6. Love the designs. Very fashionable yet elegant at the same time.

  7. what a dainty design, as they say less is more! I'm eyeing the black one with pink strap!

  8. I also used this brand, need to check there new collection

  9. I super love its minimal design. I don't like things with so many kolorete hehe.

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  10. This looks really elegant! I like the black one with the white strap :)

  11. The new designs.. simple yet classy!

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  13. Oooh! The designs are so simple yet classy! I want the blacks!

  14. What a lovely collection for summer! Nothing beats Ipanema! I love this brand!

  15. They are pretty! But they're also for pretty feet, waaaah. Todo foot spa ako niyan and mani pedi with nail polish bago pa ako makasuot haha!


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